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You don't have to lose sleep. Protect your online business with templates created by a licensed lawyer.  Takes all the worry away.

Always Changing Laws

The laws change all the time when you least expect it and it becomes impossible for you to keep track of these changes, learn new things and update your legal policies on your website such as complying with the GDPR, new CCPA law and other FTC regulations

Protection In Less Time

Time is money. You are forced to spend countless hours and money getting legal advice from a qualified lawyer, but you do not have the deep pockets to be able to afford this every time there is a regulatory change.

Better Safe than Sorry

Thousands Of Online Entrepreneurs Around the World Sleep Peacefully At Night Knowing That There Is A Legal Support System That Protects Their Online Business 24 X 7

COMPLETE LEGAL BUNDLE for your website

All Three policies... Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions templates, plus Bonuses in the Starter bundle.

LEGAL Packages for every business needs, when combined you save even more.

The Legal Bundle Package options have a solution that is perfect for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who need basic legal protections or more than the basic legal protections.

Just starting out, or need legal templates needed to protect you when you start to partner with brands, contractors or other bloggers.

Grab the legal bundle that fits your business.

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Privacy Policy is LEGALLY REQUIRED on your website

It is a legal statement that informs the visitors and users of your website how you collect and use their personal information. You are required to disclose this information by law.

It is mandatory because you are gaining access to people's personal information that identifies them, and they have the right to know how you collect and use this information.

>> Grab Your Privacy Policy Template

Disclaimer Template

You NEED a Disclaimer on your website just as much as the Privacy Policy!

You get a comprehensive disclaimer policy for your website! A Disclaimer limits your legal liability for the content you publish. It informs the visitors of your website that all content posted is for educational and informational purposes only.

You get the affiliate disclosures you need to comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements. You are required to disclose your affiliate relationships, third party links you publish on your website and your financial rewards, commissions or incentives you receive when someone makes a purchase from your affiliate links. This Disclaimer template includes these affiliate disclosures along with other disclosures to protect you from lawsuits and legal violations.

Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (also known as Terms of Use or Terms of Service) are essential rules that you must have to protect yourself from legal disputes.  They serve as a legal contract between you and the users of your site

Terms and Conditions are extremely important on your website TO EXPLAIN 1) your intellectual property rights to your content and protect it from copyright infringement and other legal disputes, 2) your right to terminate anyone's use of your website at your sole discretion, 3) your refund/exchange policies for the products and services you offer on your website, 4) your dispute resolution process such as where and how you will handle legal disputes 

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