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Article: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

We're going to get into what affiliate marketing is help you with the basic definition and if you hold on for a moment i'll tell you the biggest reason why affiliate marketers fail and why people think it's a scam.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a way for you to run a business and sell products without having to go through the pain and expense of product development. That's actually a really big deal, because if you've ever had to do product development you know it's very costly. Another benefit is that you can do it without having to provide customer support.


So how does it work exactly? You, as an affiliate, earn a commission when someone purchases a product that you are promoting. Since you are promoting someone else's product, first, you have to go out and find a niche that you are interested in, or at least something that you know a lot about or want to learn about.

Second, buy the products you are promoting. I cannot stress the importance of promoting products that you have actually used! You never want to promote something that you have never used before because you need to have the experience of using the product to be able to answer people's questions about the product.

Thirdly, once you pick that product you'll get a link that's called an affiliate link. You will share that link with your subscribers, and others who are interested in how this product can help them. When someone uses that link and makes a purchase you will receive a commission. The link they used is how the product owner knows that it was you who should get that commission because that link is tied to you.


Affiliate marketing is one of those few “win-win-win” everybody wins… You, the affiliate wins because you received the commission off of the product that you are promoting. The person who owns the product wins because they've received another customer or client who's going to reap the benefits of their product without them having to do any of that sales and marketing. And finally, the customer benefits because they now get to reap the benefits of that product that will help them achieve whatever it is that they're looking for.


Please understand that any results that you see on the internet of people who earn $100 a day, $800 a day whatever that may be… those results are not typical.


The reality that no one wants to tell you…. No one can guarantee your success. A lot of people fail at business, including affiliate marketing.


So I like to caution people just to set that expectation. This is what everyone is afraid to tell you. It is a lot of hard work and time.


However, there are also benefits to it and you can reap the rewards….



Watch the video to see an example of Clickbank, an affiliate marketplace… There are many affiliate marketplaces, but I like Clickbank because I think it's the easiest one for beginners to get started with for a couple of reasons; one their website is very easy to navigate so clickbank they have been around a very long time they've been around 20 years plus.

You can join their site by becoming an affiliate, that's the person who promotes someone else's products, or you can become a seller and that's the vendor, you have the products that other people will be marketing for you.


A couple of things to keep in mind about clickbank… They have something that is called a gravity number and that is an indication of how well the product is being sold. You want to set how much money you want to make as an affiliate for each product sold. Starting at 100 or more is a is a good way to be profitable and that's why so many people will tell you that you can earn a hundred dollars a day with affiliate marketing.


If you pick a product where your commission is a hundred dollars and you can get enough traffic and make only one sale a day, that's how they can make that claim. You will want to select a vendor that has affiliate pages that will provide you with more information about the benefits of the product and help you sell it better.


Once you decide on the product you want to promote you'll hit the promote button, and a pop-up opens up. You will hit the you generate hop links and this hop link is the link that you will use as your affiliate link.


There are benefits for everyone here.


The Seller, the vendor who owns the product, they only pay for sales. What does that mean? They're not out there investing more dollars on marketing because that's what you are doing. They only pay you when you have a sale. Their responsibility is to create high converting sales pages, doing that product development and research and providing you a list of those benefits that will make it a compelling offer for the people that you bring to this product. Benefits that will make them want to purchase.


For you as the affiliate, the good news is you don't have to do any product development which is very costly. You don't have to do the research into creating those high converting sales pages. Doing that type of research is very expensive. You are responsible for driving traffic.


Now driving traffic is not an easy thing however it is your responsibility to do that it's one of the reasons why I firmly believe in the use of YouTube to help drive traffic because YouTube is one of those “free” sources and it's a it's something that everyone can leverage.


So affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires a lot of work and time.


The biggest reason why people fail is because they don't realize that affiliate marketing is hard work and it will require a lot of time.


They don't give it the time and effort to develop their marketing skills to bring the traffic to the product and they give up too quickly.


 So for affiliate marketing the biggest factor in your success is getting and driving that traffic.


Leveraging YouTube to generate that traffic and get ranked on the first page of google is a huge benefit to anyone doing this type of marketing.


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